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May. 11th, 2011 @ 03:24 pm David Diaz in the House of Degas!
In honor of the day before the last class of the semester (hoo-ray!), I took a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. My palms are still a little sweaty from the thousand-mile walk and train ride, boat and plane ride through 90-degree heat (no shock or anything from the 40s we had last week), but I can still type. Wait til you hear what happened!

My Art Institute visit was supposed to involve book research and some minor relaxation, which it did. But something amazing occurred. After I gazed at Islamic art and snapped a picture of this gorgeous 18th/19th Century Persian book cover (Yes, that's a pen holder, and no, I apparently wasn't supposed to take a picture. Quiet, you!),

 I stared into the eyes of American Gothic's stern farmer.

 Later I attempted to read French poems in the Renaissance exhibit where one poet wrote an entire pocketbook for his girlfriend to profess his love. Where's my book of poetry, babe?

Then I stumbled downstairs for a some recaffienation. But I was in the wrong area. Surrounded by laughing students in matching shirts, I was lost in the children's art wing. Missing my own kids, who will be off the bus any minute now, I strolled aimlessly, listening to high-pitched conversations. Children were huddled around tables reading picture books by Yuyi Morales in Spanish. Two years ago, I saw Yuyi win a Golden Kite award at the SCBWI summer conference. And look at her now!

Que Kelly Clarkson singing "A Moment Like This"!

Can you believe it?! SCBWI's very own Yuyi Morales and David Diaz are in the same house as Seurat and Degas, O'Keeffe and Wood!

Look at David's work. I wonder if he'll come help me paint our home. 


Although I went in search of something more for my current manuscript, I left with more for myself. More inspiration to continue.

Congrats to David and Yuyi! Thank you for the inspiration!
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